FG Launches New National Policy on Food Safety and Security

Nigeria Unveils Revised Food Safety Policy and Technical Groups

The Federal Government, in partnership with stakeholders and international organizations, has launched a revised National Policy on Food Safety and Quality and four Technical Working Groups (TWGs) to enhance food safety and quality in Nigeria.

The policy, presented at an event commemorating World Food Safety Day, aims to ensure safe and healthy food for citizens and reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases.

The TWGs will provide expertise and leadership in risk-based regulations, food safety inspections, traceability, and education and research.

Partners, including the US Department of Agriculture and the World Health Organization, have pledged support for Nigeria’s efforts to strengthen its food safety systems and comply with international standards.

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Ali Pate, emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in ensuring food safety and quality, while the Programme Manager of the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service, Kelly Scavella, praised Nigeria’s commitment to modernizing its food safety regulatory framework.