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Call for Tough Measures to Stop Defiant Traders from Using Pesticides to Preserve Fish

Experts Call for Tough Measures to Stop Defiant Traders from Using Pesticides to Preserve Fish

Public health physicians are urging the government to take robust measures to address the indiscriminate use of pesticides in food processing, following a disturbing video showing a trader using Sniper, a highly toxic pesticide, to preserve stockfish.

The experts warn that the improper use of pesticides poses severe health risks to consumers, including nausea, vomiting, organ damage, cancer, and even death. They stress the need for stricter enforcement of regulations, increased public awareness, and identification of trusted food sources to minimize exposure to contaminated items.

Professor Tanimola Akande, a Consultant Public Health Physician, emphasizes the importance of enhanced surveillance and monitoring by government agencies, including the Inspectorate Unit of Veterinary Services and Environmental Health Officials. He urges the government to provide necessary resources and tools to identify and address pesticide contamination effectively.

Dr. Solomon Olorunfemi, a Senior Registrar in the Department of Community Medicine and Primary Care, highlights the negative health impacts associated with pesticide use, ranging from common symptoms to long-term effects like organ damage and cancer. He stresses the need for stakeholders to prioritize food safety and adopt best practices to minimize pesticide risks.

The experts call for a collaborative effort involving government agencies, healthcare professionals, and the public to tackle pesticide misuse and safeguard public health. They emphasize that proactive measures can ensure consumer safety and well-being across the country.