Clinical Psychologist Calls for Policies to Reduce Tobacco Consumption

Clinical Psychologist Calls for Policies to Reduce Tobacco Consumption

Adedotun Ajiboye, a clinical psychologist at Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, is urging the Federal Government to implement policies and programs to reduce tobacco consumption and protect citizens from tobacco smoke exposure.

Speaking on World No Tobacco Day 2024, Ajiboye emphasized the devastating health effects of tobacco use, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, hypertension, and addiction. He also highlighted the risks of tobacco use during pregnancy and its impact on child health.

Ajiboye recommended several measures for the government to take, including:

– Tobacco taxation to make products less affordable
– Laws prohibiting smoking in public places and workplaces
– Standards for tobacco products, such as warning labels and ingredient disclosure
– Awareness campaigns to educate the public about tobacco dangers
– Youth access restrictions and monitoring
– Regulation of tobacco advertising
– Support for tobacco research and collaboration with other countries

By implementing these measures, the government can reduce the health impacts of tobacco and protect citizens’ health, Ajiboye emphasized. He also stressed the importance of protecting children from the tobacco industry’s practices to ensure a healthier future for the next generation.