Steps to Preventing Cholera Outbreak in Nigeria

Cholera Outbreak: Experts Urge Nigerians to Take Immediate Action

As the cholera outbreak continues to spread across 30 states in Nigeria, the Pest Control Association of Nigeria (PECAN) is urging citizens to take immediate action to prevent further spread of the disease. The association’s National President, Olakunle Williams, advises Nigerians to prioritize proper food handling, sanitation, and hygiene practices.

To combat the spread of cholera, PECAN recommends:

– Ensuring clean water supply and boiling water before drinking
– Practicing good hygiene, including washing hands thoroughly and using hand sanitizers
– Maintaining food safety by cooking food thoroughly and eating it while hot
– Improving sanitation by disposing of human waste properly and keeping the environment clean
– Seeking immediate medical attention if symptoms appear

The association also emphasizes the importance of proper waste management to prevent fly and pest infestations that can contaminate food and water sources. PECAN offers its expertise and services to support Lagosians and collaborate with health authorities to mitigate the impact of the outbreak.

With 1,141 suspected cases, 65 confirmed cases, and 30 deaths reported by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it is crucial for Nigerians to take proactive measures to safeguard their health. By following these expert recommendations, citizens can play a vital role in containing the outbreak and ensuring a healthier environment for all.