Steps to Preventing Cholera Outbreak in Nigeria

Cholera : FCT RUWASSA Warns Against Open Defecation 

Desirous to prevent possible outbreak of cholera in the Federal Capital Territory, the FCT Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA) has warned residents against open defecation in bushes and uncompleted buildings.

The executive director of RUWASSA, Dr Ali Dan-Hassan warned that adherence to open defecation policy is not negotiable especially now that the rainy season has set in.

He said the idea of using bushes and uncompleted buildings for defecation besides not being healthy was also dangerous as reptiles are harboured there.

The executive director said residents should desist from eating fruits without washing and be mindful of what they drink.

He said the Agency has embarked on sensitization and awareness campaigns across the territory.

He said his agency will implement and enforce stringent penalties for open defecation to deter individual from engaging in such un-hygienic practice especially now that cholera epidemic is on the prowl.

He further explained that FCT RUWASSA has been investing in the development of proper sewage system and waste management infrastructure to ensure efficient disposal of human waste.

The executive director therefore assured that the agency will upgrade and expand existing sanitation facilities to accommodate the growing population and wade off the cholera epidemic.

He said government has made provision for public toilets in strategic location in various parts of the city and urged residents to be hygienic.

Dan-Hassan said open defecation poses significant health and environmental risk.

Accordingly, he said addressing the issue was paramount for the well being of communities in FCT.

The agency’s efforts aim to reduce the incidence of open defecation, improve public health, and enhance the overall quality of life for rural communities in the FCT.