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Nigeria has currently close to 50,000 qualified medical laboratory scientists.

World Doctors Day: Prioritise Self-Care While Discharging Your Duties – NDA President

As the world commemorates World Doctors Day today, the National President of the Nigerian Dental Association, Dr. Tope Adeyemi, has underscored the need for doctors to prioritise self-care alongside patient care.

He emphasised that while doctors’ dedication to their patients is commendable, neglecting their well-being can compromise their ability to provide optimal care.

The World Doctors Day is commemorated on March 30 to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate Doctors for providing unwavering commitment and invigorating care to patients.

Adeyemi said, “Doctors care services are often provided in an environment and working conditions which constantly task a doctor’s physical, social and psychological well-being.

“The Nigerian Dental Association celebrates all doctors of whom dental surgeons are inclusive for all the hard work, which is often delivered at a high personal cost in ensuring that our patients are healthy and free of disease.”

He further noted that Nigeria faces a critical shortage of doctors, lamenting that the healthcare system is lagging behind those of other nations.

Adeyemi further noted that one dentist in Nigeria attends to over 53,000 people, describing it as a far cry from the recommended 1:5,000 ratio.

He added, “This is evident in our relatively under-performing health indices in comparison with other countries. For instance, a dentist serves over 53,000 people, which is far from the expected service ratio of one dentist to 5,000 in Nigeria. This illustration, which enjoys similar expression in all specialities in Medicine and Surgery, describes the incredible workload faced by Doctors.”

The NDA president also recognised and celebrated dental surgeons, who he noted that at baseline health facilities, are attending to many patients and are still able to tackle issues of pain and oral health issues among the citizenry and also provide preventive oral services.”

He encouraged Nigerians to imbibe preventive oral health habits such as tooth brushing twice daily and to visit the dentist for assessment scaling and polishing twice a year.

The dentist further called for a reduction in the consumption of refined carbohydrates, alcohol and cigarettes and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of oral and systemic diseases.

Adeyemi urged the government to improve the “working conditions of doctors and all cadres of health workers to serve as motivation and enhance job satisfaction.