FHANI Calls for Release of Family Planning Budget

Unlock the Potential: FHANI Calls for Release of Family Planning Budget

A civil society organization, Family Health Advocate in Nigeria Initiative (FHANI), is urging Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani to release funds allocated for family planning initiatives. The organization’s secretary, Benjamin Maigari, made the call during an interview with journalists in Kaduna, commending the state government for increasing the family planning budget from N6.8 million in 2023 to N7.5 million in 2024.

While acknowledging the progress, Maigari emphasized the need for cash backing to support family planning procurement, which has been pending since 2021. He stressed that the state government’s commitment to allocating 15% of its budget to health is commendable, but action is needed to match the commitment.

Mr Maigari said it was a good idea for the administration and also called on them to approve the cash backing of the money, as it has been requested since March.

He said, “The cash backing has always been the problem. The state has had a budget of N250 million for family planning procurement since 2021, when the past government made the commitment.

“The money had been validated year in and year out due to the non-availability or cash backing of the said amount by the state government.

“The money is supposed to be put into the national family planning basket fund managed by UNFPA for procurement.

”We, as CSOs in Kaduna State, are calling on the state governor to cad back the amount immediately.”

Mr Maigari added that the state government needed to release its counterpart funding to UNFPA just as it did to UNICEF, Bill and Melinda Gates and Dangote Foundations.

In conclusion, FHANI reiterated the importance of releasing the allocated funds to support family planning initiatives in Kaduna State. By doing so, the state government can demonstrate its dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and empowering citizens to make informed choices about their reproductive health.