A cow is being vaccinated against the anthrax disease.

Tito Group Donates Anthrax Vaccine To Benue For 5,000 Livestock

Isaac Akinkunmi, a Philanthropist and President of Tito Group, has donated several cases of the Anthrax vaccine to the Benue State Government for the vaccination of 5,000 livestock in the state.

This weekend, Akinkunmi led his management staff to make the donation to the State Task Force on Anthrax Prevention and Control Chaired by Dr. Edward Amali, a Director of Livestock Services in the Benue State Ministry of Agriculture.

Making the donation at the Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters in Makurdi, Akinkunmi noted that his company being a milk processing and yoghurt production company that uses milk “decided to set up a ranch for backward integration, to produce milk locally in order to reduce to its barest minimum the importation of milk.

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“So we therefore keep a lot of cattle on a ranching basis because we have embraced ranching as a way of raising livestock and we are finding it very rewarding.

“And on the arrival of Anthrax in the country we found that if we do not move quickly and it invades our farm it will be very devastating. We, therefore, approached the Veterinary Research Institute in Vom and procured vaccines and vaccinated all our cattle. And we extended this gesture to the communities in our immediate surroundings.”