cranium digital health app
A digital health app by Cranium Integration Solutions Limited has been introduced in Nigeria to assist with healthcare delivery.

Tech Firm Introduces Digital Patient Health Care App

Cranium Integrated Solutions Limited is introducing a local content digital health app that will assist in easing the stress of patients in healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

An engineer and co-founder of the firm, Kunle Adesida, said at a news conference in Lagos that the all-encompassing local content digital health app would address the health needs even in rural areas.

Noting that the adoption of digital health was low globally, proper sensitisation of the benefits would ease the challenge of healthcare delivery.

He said even with the issue of low internet penetration in the digitally under-served areas, Cranium would deliver health with their mobile clinics to be introduced soon.

According to him, it is local content because it is 100 percent customisable to the desire and requirements of the nation’s health facilities.

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“The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need for digitalisation. Again, many people started seeing the need to go into this particular area. We have been in this area since 2005.

‘’It took us so many years to put this product together because we needed to ensure that we put in the real case scenario on the ground and that is why it is local content.

“Cranium has different levels of health facilities across Nigeria, primary health care centres, private hospitals, secondary and tertiary institutions”, he said.

Adesida said so much effort was put into the field to ensure the entire patient workflow in any hospital, and that was why they had an edge over others.

The co-founder said with the app, a patient’s vitals could be monitored from the comfort of their homes.

He said the local content had also made it very possible for hospitals to customise to their desires, saying it helped them have full access privileges to the database.

He explained that Cranium is leveraging blockchain and Artificial Intelligence which will enable patients easy access to health care and data in any location or hospital that the patient walks into.