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Traditional beliefs affect the advance of Western Medicine.

FG TCAM Policy Applauded By Phytotherapist


Anasthasia Ndiamaka, a phytotherapist and natural health practitioner, is commending the federal governments policy on health by introducing Traditional and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) in all health ministries across the country.

She said that the introduction of TCAM would help in the delivery and efficiency of health care.

While speaking to newsmen recently, Mrs. Ndiamaka said that the policy was welcomed as alternative and traditional medicine has contributed hugely to the health sector in the country.

She stated that traditional medicine is part of the culture of the people and most times are grassroot based and is deeply embraced at the local level. She also added that, “natural medicine has always been with us and its safe.”


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With the implementation of the TCAM policy, she asserted that it would help in improving the packaging and practice of alternative medicine across the country, “ the stage we are now, we want to benchmark with China and India”.

The natural health expert explained that Nigeria has huge potentials in harnessing its traditional medicine like China and India and she reasoned that what the government needs to do more in ensuring standardization of the sector.

Ndiamaka lauded the organizers of the second Rivers State Health Care Summit slated for August as this would further incorporate complementary medicine and sell it to the outside world.

“We have been left behind but today I am happy because things are changing and inclusion is key.”