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Stakeholders are declaring that the current anti-quackery laws are obsolete and urge for a review.

Sununu: FG To Rid Nigeria of Quack Doctors, Nurses

On Tuesday, Yusuf Sununu, the Minister of State for Education, urged for stricter laws to be implemented so as to address the issue of quackery in the health sector.

Mr Sununu made the call in Abuja at the opening session of the ‘2023 Physicians Week of the Nigerian Medical Association, Federal Capital Territory Chapter’.

“I want to tell you that this issue of ridding the health profession of quackery is on the agenda of President Bola Tinubu. Laws are not there to serve as a deterrent,” stated Mr Sununu.

The minister said to eradicate all these challenges bedevilling the health sector, the NMA-FCT, in collaboration with NMA, must work in harmony with the promise of the president to get laws relating to the health sector amended.

Speaking on the health sector funding, Sununu said that Mr Tinubu had said several times that there was a need for improvement.

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“No one is saying the funding in the health sector is excellent; no. Mr President has said there is a need for improvement. What the president is trying to do is to harness the country’s resource development. He is working towards ensuring the internally generated revenue of states improves,” Mr Sununu explained.

“The president has said that when you are going to repair something, you will experience some level of hardship, so we need to endure the present hardships we are facing. Those hardships are not going to last long. We must all endure and persevere. We will continue to urge Nigerians for their understanding. The president is concerned and is working towards making this country better.”

NMA-FCT chair Charles Ugwuanyi stated that the idea started with a group of people on social media.

NMA-FCT chair Eno Ekop stated, “It is not that we don’t have the opportunity to leave, but some of us have chosen to stay back in Nigeria and to take care of the upcoming generation.”

She also spoke about violence against doctors, saying it is becoming an issue and urged Nigerians to express their grievances to the right channels by reporting the doctors to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCAN).