Suicide, drug abuse not an option to escape life challenges –Psychiatrist

HEALTHDIGEST– The National Vice-President, Association of Psychiatrists of Nigeria, Dr. Veronica Nyamali, has advised Nigerians not to see suicide as an option to escape life challenges.

She gave the advice on Tuesday, during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos, and urged people to always see life from a mixed angle of the good, sweet and bad.

Dr. Nyamali, who is also a Psychiatrist at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, expressed concern that a lot of challenges including economic downturn and hardships have made some Nigerians to consider suicide, drug abuse or to engage in immoral behaviours as an escape route.

She said Nigerians should learn to take life easy by developing positive coping and adaptive mechanisms than considering negative thoughts like attempting suicide or engaging in domestic violence when faced with challenges.

According to the psychiatrist, mental health education can make people understand that life generally comes with challenges, and can be good, sweet at one time, and bad at other times.

She said, ”There is a need to change the mindset of Nigerians toward life; make them to understand that life itself is full of challenges and the challenges are what will make way for their successful stories.

“Unfortunately, some people consider negative coping mechanism when faced with life challenges. Engaging in drug abuse in the face of challenges will only give temporary pleasure and satisfaction. When the drug clears out, the challenge remains.”

”Even considering suicide should not be an option for life challenges of any sort.

“Constantly surrounding yourself with positive people, sharing worries, speaking out and seeking for help are options that can help in times of challenges. We need to create time for relaxation and look beyond the economic situation of the country. We need to focus on the positive in every bad situation.” She added.

The psychiatrist, therefore, urged Nigerians to always be satisfied with what they have and can afford, noting that many people have lost their lives due to greed.