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Fejeron Blood Tonic, a product of Sterling BioPharma Limited.

Sterling Biopharma Cautions Nigerians Against Low Blood Levels

In order to ensure the right amount of blood in the body, Sterling Biopharma Limited is warning Nigerians to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking in Lagos during the launch of Fejeron Blood Tonic, the Chief Operating Officer, Sterling Biopharma Limited, Mr. Adebayo Adepoju said that low blood levels do a lot of damage to the body as it prevents the body from functioning optimally.

“When the blood level is low, the oxygen circulation will be very low and the vitamin b12 will be very low as well. This will lead to weakness in the body, and the skin colour will begin to fade. In a critical situation, it can lead to cardiovascular or heart problems.

He regretted that some of the foods and fruits that can give people enough blood were not readily available and, in some instances, where they were available, the quality had been compromised.

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Adepoju said that the nature of stress and fatigue that Nigerians encounter on a daily basis requires that their physical and mental wellbeing be well supported to function at their best, which informed the formulation of Fejeron Blood Tonic for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

“With Fejeron Blood Tonic, you will get all the essential components that help to facilitate adequate blood supply and replenishment to the body, such as iron, Vitamin B12, and folic acid, among others.

Adepoju stated that they believe everyone deserves to be able to buy simple prescription drugs without breaking the bank. This is why, from the moment it entered the Nigerian market and with our wide range of products, we have made our intentions clear, and that is to make quality pharmaceutical products affordable for all Nigerians.

The Product Manager, Olumide Ogunremi, said that Fejeron blood tonic is good for both the young and elderly. “The product also comes with good taste without staining of teeth or causing constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and others.”

“Fejeron Blood Tonic is driven by the belief that health is wealth, and they are out to promote this culture among Nigerians, standing by them on the journey to their individual accomplishments.”

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