A man is having issues sleeping which will affect his mental state negatively

Sleep Disorder: Men more Vulnerable to Effects than Women ­– Expert

Chief medical director of Heritage Men’s Clinic, Dr. Rasheed Abbasi says men are more vulnerable to the effect of sleeping disorder when compared to their female counterpart.

According to him, sleep disorders can impact everything from mood to fertility in men as there are many factors such as hormone production, aging, or social and cultural differences that can influence how men and women sleep.

Sleep is vital for everyone, but not everyone gets enough sleep. Work and family responsibilities can influence time spent sleeping.

Research suggests that women tend to get more sleep on average than men. And medically, about eight or more hours of sleep is recommended every night for optimal health.

Dr Abbasi said the problem with sleep itself is that is the only way God designed our body to clean itself.

“When you are sleep deprived, your body cannot produce certain common hormones. And for men, that is testosterone.

“Testosterone is key for men, you don’t have enough, your bedroom performance goes down, fertility issues coming. It’s actually a major problem for men globally.

Dr. Abbasi noted that a main sleep disorder which affects people is insomnia, which is difficulty falling asleep and difficulty staying asleep.

He stated that some people can easily fall asleep, but the slightest sound disturbs them and makes it impossible for them to return to sleep.

Some men, particularly those with prostate problems, cannot fall asleep again after they get up to pee. And sleep disruption is necessary since sleep cannot be made up.

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“During sleep, your brain does what we call Lymphatics, which is the cleaning the seaweed system. So once you miss it on Monday through Friday, you cannot catch up cleaning all the gutters on Sunday or Saturday

“The more you do it, the more neuronal death occurs. That is why we claim increased Alzheimer’s is caused by a lack of sleep. We’re talking about obesity caused by a lack of sleep. When this happens in men, we notice man boobs, which indicate that testosterone levels are low, affecting performance.

Speaking further, Dr Abbasi said when we talk about sleep disorders, one of the ones that is also common is Cycadean, which is sleeping during the wrong times.

He noted that people are supposed to sleep more at night when the lights are down than during the day and you keep the room dark.

Dr Abbasi said the most expensive thing you have is your health hence sleep is very important.

“Get catnaps if you can afford it, If not, pick a dedicated time that you go to bed. Your cell phone has to be outside of your bedroom. Your room has to be darkened and a little cooler. You need to sleep because that’s the only way your body corrects itself”.

He added that across all socioeconomic standards, health is wealth.

Speaking on the role of water in aiding sleep, Dr Abbasi said the brain does lymphatics, hence, It needs water and glucose to do that because the brain continues to get roasted. So, adequate water is needed in the body system.

He added “the colour of your urine will tell you you’ve drank enough. If you drink ten gallons and your urine is still yellow or form it, you’ve not drank enough.

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