SDGs: Nurses, Midwives must be trained in Oncology, Mental Health

HEALTHDIGEST– The Director, Global Community Impact Africa of Johnson & Johnson Global Health Foundation, Mrs. Laura Nel, has called for better attention to training of nurses and midwives to achieving sustainable Development Goals 3.

According to Nel, paying better attention to the training of nurses and midwives is crucial to engendering change in the health-seeking behaviour of Nigerians and achieving SDGs 3.

Nel told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that for the country to achieve SDG 3, the nurses and midwives must be trained in the areas of oncology nursing, mental health and midwifery.

“Nigeria achieving SDG 3 will require proper training, deployment and retention in the areas of oncology nursing, mental health nursing and midwifery. This will help to address the gaps in oncology, mental health and midwifery education in Nigeria,” she said.

Nel said that the foundation and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in collaboration with the Medicaid Cancer Foundation and other stakeholders concluded a two-day workshop on developing a roadmap to address these issues. The workshop was in the two geo-political zones of South West and North Central Nigeria.

“The workshop seeks to address the gaps in oncology nursing, mental health nursing and midwifery education in Nigeria. We will develop a roadmap to address improvements in nursing and midwifery. We are committed to working with local partners to create systems that support community-based health structures”. she said

She called on the government and well-spirited Nigerians to focus on investments in nursing and midwifery to achieve a better goal.


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