Carbon emission greenhouse gas gases
Greenhouse gases (Carbon emissions) coming out of a factory.

Scientists Design Renewable Hydrogen Production Device to Tackle Carbon Emission

In a new study, Chinese scientists developed a method for generating “green” hydrogen efficiently by combining seawater and freshwater. Hydrogen, Clean Energy, China, Scientists, Fudan University, Seawater, Freshwater

Hydrogen, a clean energy source, has emerged as a promising solution to reduce carbon emissions in the power sector and move toward a more sustainable future.

The country’s government work report for 2024 outlined its support of frontier industries such as hydrogen power.

The researchers from Fudan University fabricated a tandem of high-performance ion exchange membrane and electrode, which will be installed at estuaries to harvest osmotic energy and drive hydrogen production.

Under the artificial salinity gradient, the integrated device demonstrated a consistent and quick alkaline hydrogen evolution rate for more than 12 days.

This is according to a study published recently in the journal Nature Sustainability.

According to the researchers, the study presented a viable pathway for hydrogen production through renewable sources.