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Rotary Club vaccinates 2,000 girls against Cervical Cancer 

As part of this year’s project for girl-child empowerment, the Rotary Club of Lagos Island, District 9110 has began the vaccination of 2,000 girls against cervical cancer.

Speaking during the investiture ceremony of the 7th President of Rotary Club of Lagos Island, Rotn Anant Sabat, the Ditrict Governor, Rotn Omotunde Lawson, said this year’s focus of the district is to empower the girl-child in various ways.

She said: “We will empower and enlighten the girls about cervical cancer, which is only cancer that is preventable at vaccination, so the process is ongoing. We have started vaccinating many and the plan is to vaccinate about 2000 girls.”

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Lawson enumerated some of the projects the club has undertaken, saying: “We have given sights to thousands of people that would have lost their sight through free surgeries. We have renovated schools, took part in water sanitation and hygiene projects. We have taken part in a lot of basic and educational projects, in health and childbirth. A club like this which is made up of 90 per cent of Indians is doing so much for communities in Nigeria.

Also speaking, the President of, the Rotary Club of Lagos Island, Mr Anant Sabat, said: “Friends, as we embark on our journey in this imaginative year, every day has been a great day full of learning and gives us the opportunity to shape us to face new exciting challenges on the way while serving society. That is the best thing that can happen to anyone, which helps us to sharpen and improve our skills as a leader.”

He enumerated some of the projects undertaken so far including a blood donation camp at IHS Towers in Lagos; tree planting at Government College, Ikoyi; awareness seminar at Victoria Island Junior Secondary School, where no fewer than 500 students were educated on the importance of basic education, reading books and inspired them to help give basic education to those who do not have access to primary education and an interact club was formed in the school to ensure continuity and supervision.

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