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Retiring Neurosurgeon Tasks Colleagues on Ethics of Medical Profession

A Professor of Neurosurgery, Prof Wilfred Mezue, has asked medical practitioners not to put money before service so as not to lose the essence of medical practice.

He stated that the essence of the medical practice is to provide service and take humanity to good health and good life, regretting, however, that younger practitioners appear to put money before service.

Speaking during his retirement thanksgiving from the University of Nigeria (UNN) and his 70th birthday celebration, Mezue disclosed that he was happy that a few practitioners still realised the importance of the ethics of the medical practice and were prepared to keep to them.

He said: “I will like those coming after me to realise is the need to provide service, to give people part of you not to look for money at any giving opportunity. It is not right even in the medical field. The essence of medicine is to provide service to humanity, to help them to good health and good life. That is the essence of medicine and I hope a whole lot of us still know this.

“These days, the pressure for money is taking away everything, but I will like to remind those who are pursuing money that this profession requires service to humanity above everything. So, it will be my greatest joy that we live to serve others with our calling.”

Mezue, who further spoke about neurosurgery practice in Nigeria, described it as the “high end profession and the peak of medical ethics,” stressing that it is still growing in Nigeria and required sophisticated equipment to flourish.

He stated that the Federal Government alone is incapable of funding the practice to deliver to the yearnings of the people, stressing that the practitioners and public must support it to end its work better.