President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

President Tinubu; Your Young Nigerian Medical Doctor Is Dying Of Chronic Liver Disease…

Mr. President, I hope my letter reaches you in good time. I am fully aware of your commitments in India for the G20 summit. However, I have no option but to seize this opportunity to draw your attention to a pressing issue that needs your urgent action and commitment.

Your Excellency, one of the vibrant citizens of our great country – Tijjani Ibrahim, a committed and dedicated young medical doctor, has been diagnosed with advanced Chronic Liver Disease as a result of Hepatitis B Viral Infection. As I am writing this open letter to you, Dr Ibrahim is on admission at the National Hospital Abuja in a very horrific situation. However, the members of the health team are doing their best to continue giving him palliative treatment. So, we must express our unflinching gratitude to all of them and the health system in the country.

Nonetheless, Your Excellency, you are fully aware of the huge amount of money the Nigerian Government is investing in one Medical Doctor before he/she graduates from Medical School. The index case is someone who recently graduated and is ready to serve his people with every means that is humanly possible. Your Excellency, Nigerians too are in desperate need of his services, looking at the manpower deficit in the health sector and the rate at which we are suffering from “brain drain syndrome.” I strongly believe Nigeria and Nigerians are not ready and can not afford to lose someone like Dr. Tijjani Ibrahim.

Sir, the definitive treatment for his medical condition is a “Liver Transplant” because the disease has reached the end stage. In view of that, some of our respected consultants here in Nigeria have communicated with an Indian hospital where the liver transplant could be performed. The overall procedure would cost around twenty five million Naira (N25,000,000).

Your Excellency, you are the leader of the “renewed hope” agenda; please, we do solicit your kind intervention in renewing the hope of our respected colleague Dr. Tijjani Ibrahim, by sponsoring him abroad for a Liver Transplant. Your Excellency, salvaging this young Medical Doctor out of the woods will serve as an additional feather to your cap. Dr Ibrahim is still on admission at the National Hospital, Abuja. We do hope that Your Excellency would send a representative to visit Dr Ibrahim and have first hand assessment of his situation.

Thanks in anticipation of your positive response your Excellency.

Dr Khalid Sunusi Kani
Medical Doctor| Health Advocate| UN Inspiring Leader
[email protected]