30% of Farms Shut Down in Six Months

Poultry Industry in Crisis: 30% of Farms Shut Down in Six Months

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has revealed that over 30% of poultry farms in the country have shut down in the last six months due to high production costs. This has led to a scarcity of eggs and a significant increase in prices.

According to PAN’s National Publicity Secretary, Godwin Egbebe, the high cost of operation, including feed and transportation, has made it difficult for farmers to sustain their businesses. He urged the government to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the sector, rather than just palliatives.

Egbebe noted that many farmers have sold their cages and farms, and are leaving the sector due to the inability to cope with the high cost of operation. He appealed to farmers to be patient and not to give up on the sector, as the challenges are temporary.

The Lagos State Chairman of PAN, Mojeed Iyiola, attributed the hike in egg prices to the scarcity caused by the closure of farms. He explained that the high cost of feed and day-old chicks has made it difficult for farmers to restock, leading to a shortage of eggs in the market.

The poultry industry is calling for urgent government intervention to address the challenges facing the sector and prevent its collapse.