Doctors performing surgery
Doctors performing surgery

Physician Calls for Strict Regulation of Plastic Surgery Procedures

As the demand for aesthetic plastic procedures, also known as plastic surgery, continues to increase, a Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Dr. Charles Okwonna, has called for stringent government regulation of the procedure, citing significant health risks and deaths associated with unprofessional practices.

The expert also expressed worries over the proliferation of poorly administered skincare treatments.

Speaking exclusively with PUNCH Healthwise, the cancer expert lamented that many practitioners prioritise financial gains over professionalism, leading to increased risks of serious medical conditions.

Okwonna noted that the associated risks extend beyond cancer and have been linked to kidney and liver failures as well as transmittable infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis resulting from unhygienic practices during such procedures.

Acknowledging the growing popularity of aesthetic procedures, the physician warned that without proper oversight, the proliferation of unregulated practices could lead to a public health crisis.

He called on regulatory bodies to act swiftly to protect consumers from potential harm associated with poorly administered treatments.

While noting that the government must enforce minimum standards for equipment used during aesthetic procedures, the physician proposed a certification process post-procedure to ensure ongoing health monitoring and safety for patients.

He added, “Researchers are beginning to link skin care products to malignancies. Of course, we have known for a long time that skin cancers are caused by some of these substandard skin products.

“But also some of these blood cancers are beginning to establish links to them. So, we need to start looking at blood cancers from all kinds of procedures that are done by non-professionals.

“If this is an area that could be regulated, the government should make sure that professionals are the ones who do it. There are minimum standards for the instruments that are used, and also there are health checks.

“Issues from skincare routine and products might not necessarily be cancers. They can also cause medical conditions that include kidney failure. A lot of our kidney failures are related to these things.

“They can also lead to liver failures and infectious diseases, transmittable infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS, hepatitis and all that.

“These are also another kettle of fish altogether but my recommendation is for the government to look into this.

“There seems to be a proliferation of these aesthetics. And because there’s a proliferation, nobody checkmates them and knows what they do. So, the government needs to begin to look at how best to regulate their activities before they get out of hand.”

SOURCE: HealthWise