Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate Executive
Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate

Prof. Pate: A Call to Rescue Hospital In Bauchi By Garba Adamu

I write to you today with a heartfelt plea that resonates not just within the walls of the infrastructural decay of the hospitals but on behalf of the entire citizens across Bauchi state.

The pathetic condition of our healthcare facilities is in a serious and miserable state which requires a second look at your urgent attention being the son of the soil to protect the sanctity of the institution and the system at large from total collapse.

These health facilities had in the past become a beacon of hope and healing which I believe you can attest to that. The present Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital formerly known as the Bauchi Cottage Hospital was the first of its kind in the then Bauchi native Authority, glory be to God the edifice is now managed and controlled by the Federal government after fulfilment of all local arrangements of the handling the hospital during the then governor of Bauchi State Mallam Isa Yugu but owing to the long term negligence by the previous administration, most of the State-owned public hospitals are now dilapidated if not obsolete.

The crumbling walls, outdated equipment and lack of manpower have turned what should be a place of solace into a source of anguish for both patients and their families who always visit the facility to seek medical attention from the medical personnel. The healthcare experts that are still working tirelessly under the compromised conditions deserve better and timely remuneration.

Likewise, patients who heavily rely on these hospitals for their improved healthcare status deserve special treatment but the reverse seems to be the case

The need for upgrading and rehabilitation of the facilities goes beyond the aesthetic nature to that of providing quality healthcare service delivery to the citizenry who are always at the forefront in exercising their franchise to choose for themselves those they feel deemed to govern them.

More often than not, an environmentally hygienic and renovated health care centre will no doubt boost morale and encourage the health workers to effectively discharge their responsibilities.

The committed personnel who work day and night tirelessly to save lives need a clean environment which can support their professional practice. The needed human and material resources will assist in providing an improved healthcare service to the communities that are in dire need of good medical attention.

The importance attached to ensuring a conducive working atmosphere, well-trained qualified medical staff became necessary as a revitalized healthcare institution can boost the local economy, create jobs and promote trade and investment in a particular area while giving a sense of belonging to the people.

With these pressing issues and many more which time and space would not allow me to itemize them in detail, the Hon. Minister of Health and Social Welfare should not relent in giving priority on the renovation of our state hospitals in Bauchi and allocation of enough funds as done before with a dedicated team of experts within and outside the country to work harmoniously in providing sustainable universal health coverage in Bauchi state.

Sir, as a professional with an international reputation, I urge you not to hesitate in transforming the Hospital in Nigeria not only in Bauchi state but across the whole country to a first-class healing centre that can compete favourably with its counterpart across the globe.

Garba Adamu Gwangwangwan wrote from the Bauchi local government area. [email protected]