Medvisit Introduces International Second Opinion Services for Healthcare Solutions

The leading medical tourism company in Nigeria, Medvisit, has announced the introduction of international second opinion services to provide Nigerians with unparalleled access to world-class medical expertise and care.

The Operations Manager of Medvisit, Gbenga Olaniyi, said that the initiative was a significant advancement in accessible and accurate healthcare solutions for Nigerians.

“Medvisit’s international second opinion service is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing Nigerians with unparalleled access to world-class medical expertise and care.

“With this service, individuals can now tap into a global network of board-certified specialists, ensuring timely and accurate evaluations of their medical conditions and treatment plans.

“Its medical experts are based in top hospitals in the U.S., UK, Europe, India, Israel, Egypt, UAE, and other leading healthcare destinations.

“We are thrilled to introduce our international second opinion service, which represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing accessible and accurate healthcare solutions for Nigerians.

“By leveraging the expertise of top doctors from around the world, we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions about their health,” the manager said.

He said, Medvisit’s decision to launch the service was driven by a commitment to address several critical challenges facing the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

According to him, Medvisit recognizes the importance of ensuring Nigerians have access to the best possible medical expertise.

Trough the initiative, individuals could benefit from the knowledge and experience of leading doctors from around the globe, without the need for extensive travel.

On mitigating the risks of misdiagnosis, misdiagnosis and improper treatment posed significant risks to patients’ health and well-being.

“By offering comprehensive evaluations and alternative perspectives on medical conditions, Medvisit aims to reduce such incidences and improve health outcomes for Nigerians.

“Seeking medical care abroad often entails significant financial expenses and logistical challenges.

“By providing precise diagnosis and treatment planning locally, Medvisit aims to minimize the necessity for Nigerians to travel abroad for medical treatment, thereby conserving valuable foreign exchange resources,” he added.

Speaking on the practicality of second opinions, Olaniyi recounted that a study by the Mayo Clinic- the number 1 hospital in America, reported that only 12 per cent of their second opinion patients left with a confirmation that the original diagnosis was accurate.

According to him, it means that nearly 90 per cent of patients left with a different or refined diagnosis.

He added, “Therefore, getting a second opinion is the practical way to find a doctor who can give you an alternate point of view on your diagnosis and treatment.”

According to him, people need the initiative when their diagnosis are unclear, when they have several medical problems, when they are not responding to treatment as expected, when their doctor says their condition is rare or life-threatening.

He added that people needed the initiative when they thought another treatment option might be available, when their doctor recommended surgery or a major procedure or when they have lost confidence in their doctor.

“Known over the years for its dedication to facilitating access to superior healthcare solutions for individuals and focus on innovation, excellence and patient-centered care, Medvisit offers a comprehensive range of services.

“The services include medical travel coordination, concierge medicine, and now, international second opinion services,” he said.