NYSC members at orientation camp
NYSC members at orientation camp

NYSC Camps on High Alert: Experts Warn of Cholera Outbreak, Urge Precautionary Measures

Medical experts have urged the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to prioritize precautionary measures as thousands of prospective corps members prepare to enter camps for their three-week orientation exercise. Poor sanitary conditions, lack of clean water, and inadequate cleaning supplies can lead to a cholera outbreak, experts warn.

Prof. Kayode Osagbemi, a public health expert, emphasized the need for clean camps, safe water supply, and environmental sanitation to prevent the spread of diseases. He stressed that prevention is better than treatment and recommended strict adherence to personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, and regular handwashing.

Dr. Laz Eze, a Public Health Policy and Management Specialist, highlighted the risk factors for cholera, including poor environmental hygiene, unsafe drinking water, and poor hand hygiene. He emphasized the importance of proper education, safe drinking water, clean toilets, and proper waste disposal to prevent cholera.

Dr. Lekan Adelakun, Team Leader/Chief Executive at Q-Impact Medicare, urged NYSC officials to ensure corps members’ safety, health, and environmental cleanliness, including food hygiene and prompt medical attention for anyone with gastrointestinal symptoms.

Despite efforts, the NYSC Director of Press and Public Relations, Eddy Megwa, could not be reached for comment on preventive measures to mitigate the outbreak and spread of cholera at the camps.