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A production issue has caused Merck to distribute less HPV vaccines.

Nurses Critical to Ending Cervical Cancer – OSPHCDA

The Ondo State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (OSPHCDA) has underscored the importance of nurses in effort to tackle the menace of cervical cancer in the state.

According to the agency, the State Family Planning Programme Coordinator, Mrs Opeyemi Agunbiade, made the assertion during a keynote address at the technical session of the ‘OSPHCDA Nurses first Quarter 2024 Meeting’ held earlier this week.

‘The lecture provides a comprehensive overview of cervical cancer, exploring its prevalence, risk factors, and the crucial importance of early detection and prevention.

“Mrs. Agunbiade emphasised preventive measures, particularly the role of vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) and elucidated how nurses could actively contribute to promoting and administering HPV vaccine, thereby playing a proactive role in preventing cervical cancer in their communities,” the agency said.