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he NNMDA has revealed 4 medications that were made in Nigeria. 

NNMDA Reveals 4 Nigeria-Made Drugs

Uche Nnaji, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, has recently unveiled four drugs that were made by the Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA).

The drugs were Namdune (200mg) meant for Anti-ageing, Namdasan (200mg) for anti-sickling, Aberecin (200mg) for anti-diabetes and Nanobere (50kg).

Lauding the efforts of the agency in the production of the drugs, the Minister reminded those who might not be aware of the plans of the federal government to establish funds for research and development.

Applauding the federal government’s plans to establish a research and development fund, Martins Emeje, the Director of the agency urged the government to ensure the application of proposals before researchers can access the fund.