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NMA Reveals How to Mitigate Effect of Pharmaceutical Companies Exiting Nigeria

Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has expressed concern over the exit of pharmaceutical companies from Nigeria, saying this has resulted in drug shortages in the country.

The newly elected NMA Chairman, Prof. Bala Audu, said this in Abuja on Wednesday during a media conference to mark the end of the 64th Annual General Conference/Delegates Meeting held in Cross River recently.

Audu said that the exit of major pharmaceutical companies caused a geometric increase in prices of drugs and job losses, adding that the exodus had raised serious concerns about the future of access to essential medicines by Nigerians.

He appealed to the government to take urgent actions to mitigate the impact of the exit of the companies by creating friendly business environment, as well as making adequate investments in domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Audu also noted that “there is a pressing need to improve security within and around health facilities, improve access to social amenities and provide increased opportunities for doctors. These are critical interventions necessary to reverse the ongoing brain drain.

“The conference also resolved that the introduction of Euthanasia in medical practice in Nigeria requires careful considerations because of ethical, legal, religious, social and cultural diversities.

“However, as of now, euthanasia in whatever form is illegal and punishable by the provision of Section 306 of the Criminal Code of Nigeria.

“The conference urges government at all levels to prioritise the health and well-being of Nigerians by rolling out robust palliative and other social intervention strategies to cushion hunger and harsh economic conditions in the country.”

He also called on government and security agencies to effectively check security lapses, kidnapping and banditry, as well as ensure the safe release of all health workers in captivity.