Nigerian Pharmacist Honoured By Beninese University


The Irsbaccom University of Parakou Benin Republic has awarded Dr. Napoleon Onyechi, a Nigerian Pharmacist, with an honorary doctorate degree in public health management. Dr. Onyechi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of West Lake Pharmacy Inc, Florida, U.S.A, received the award in a ceremony organised in Abuja.

Dr. Tasie Daniels, the Chief Registrar of Irsbaccom University, said that the institution had conferred the degree on Dr. Onyechi following his various achievements in public health. Dr. Daniels said that Dr. Onyechi had impacted the lives of many especially those in his home town, Abagana in Anambra State. He said that not only was Dr. Onyechi’s nomination was thoroughly verified and authenticated, it was found to have deserved the award.

Dr. Onyechi who made a speech after receiving the award, expressed his gratitude to Irsbaccom University for recognising his contributions to his community and attributed his success to God, saying, “It is interesting that you have assessed my contributions in service to my community and humanity, and found it worthy of this award and recognition. It is indeed interesting that I am honoured in an area where I got into by divine providence, and so, I hereby pledge that you will never regret this honour done to me.”

Dr. Muntari Malumfashi, the Chairman/CEO of a security consulting firm, described Dr. Onyechi as a philanthropist and a man that is not hindered by religious or tribal sentiments. He listed Dr. Onyechi’s philanthropic gestures to include provisions of borehole water to many parts of his town and community in Abagana, in Anambra. In his words, Dr. Onyechi has also provided portable drinking water to the community’s police station, St. Peter’s Anglican Church and Obiagu village square.

Dr. Malumfashi further said that Dr. Onyechi had not only assisted many Nigerians in starting businesses but also paid the tuition fees for numerous people and had donated generously towards many charity events.

“I am very glad that I nominated him for this award quietly and strictly confidential, until the university gave the approval.”