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The Ministry of Women Affairs has made collaborations to enhance menstrual hygiene awareness.

NGO Launches EmpowerHer Campaign For Sustainable Menstrual Health

A Non Governmental Organisation, Bays Planet Foundation has launched EmpowerHer Campaign, a groundbreaking project aimed at addressing the critical issue of affordable menstrual hygiene products and policy reform in Nigeria.

“This national campaign seeks to empower women and girls by advocating accessible and affordable sanitary pads while promoting sustainable menstrual health practices and policy changes,” Founder and Executive Director Bays Planet Foundation Baliqees Salaudeen-Ibrahim announced in a statement over the weekend.

“Menstrual hygiene management is a crucial aspect of every woman’s well-being, yet the rising prices of sanitary pads pose significant challenges to accessibility and affordability in Nigeria.”

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Salaudeen-Ibrahim explained that EmpowerHer campaign is to ensure that all women and girls have access to hygienic menstrual products without compromising their financial security or health.

She noted that EmpowerHer campaign would foster collaboration among pad producers, retailers, policymakers, NGOs, and women’s groups to explore innovative approaches that reduce costs, improve accessibility, and ensure the availability of affordable and quality menstrual products.

Bays Planet Foundation therefore urged potential partners, stakeholders, and concerned individuals to join hands in supporting the EmpowerHer project with a view to creating sustainable change, empower women and girls, promote menstrual health and hygiene, and contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society in Nigeria.