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Nursing mothers are being urged to exclusively breastfeed to boost their child's health.

NGO Advocates Long-Term Breastfeeding As Vaccine

A Non-Governmental Organisation, the March Health Care Initiative (MCI), is stressing the importance of breastfeeding, describing it as one of life’s best vaccines for babies, especially during the early stages of life.

Comrade Olubunmi Lawal-Aiyedun, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NGO, stated this while speaking at a ‘Community Influencers for Optimal Breast-feeding’ event marking the end of the weeklong celebration at the weekend in Abuja.

Olubunmi Lawal-Aiyedun said it was important for every mother and intending mother to know the benefits of breastfeeding and how to properly breastfeed their babies.

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She said the only way Nigeria can attain its 50 percent target for breastfeeding in line with the Social Development Goals (SDGs), is to target the grassroots community because that is where a majority of the mothers need enlightenment.

Lawal-Aiyedun explained that women are the key players and drivers of realizing the breast-feeding goals set by the government and this also means that there must be inclusivity for people with disabilities.

“We cannot afford to leave anyone behind if Nigeria is to attain 50 percent breastfeeding target and meet the SDGs goals by 2030. This means that people with disability must be carried along also.”