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Nestle Nigeria: Our Post-Package Waste Will Not End Up In Waterways


On Monday, the Nestle Nigeria Plc stated that it is committed to ensuring that none of its post packaging waste ends up in waterways or the ocean as part its contribution towards having a safe environment in the face of climate change realities.

Victoria Uwadoka, the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Nestle Nigeria, mentioned this as she fielded questions from participants at the opening of a two-week online intensive training for journalists reporting nutrition, health, business and environmental Issues. She also stated that all hands must be on deck in order to address some of the environmental issues that the world is currently facing, especially Africa.

2 years ago, Nestle Nigeria Plc had collaborated with the Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre to begin a programme called “Advancing Nutrition, Health and Environmental Awareness through the Media” where journalists across Nigeria and resource persons from within and outside the country were brought together to learn and share their experiences to have a better understanding of the issues as journalists educate the larger society through their reportage.

According to her, Nestle is trying to ensure safe waterways and a clean ocean by collaborating with other critical stakeholders alongside the ecosystem including communities, government, media, manufacturing and recycling companies.

“Nestle commits to ensuring that none of its post packaging waste ends in waterways or ocean. To make this happen, we are working with manufacturers and other stakeholders within the packaging ecosystem to develop new types of packaging that are more eco friendly. Second, we are also ensuring that Nestle is a part of the action to eliminate indiscriminate disposal of plastics and this we are doing through public education and awareness campaigns.”

“Again, Nestle is a founding member of food and beverages recycle alliance. Nestle is not recycling but we are working with partners in the ecosystem by ensuring the recycling of plastic in the system by recycling companies to close the value chain which is to ensure plastic is recycled and of course, it is a work in progress as we look at the possibility of working with other recycling companies across all the states. We are also working with government at federal and state levels to ensure sustainable environmental practices.”

Due to an increase in the number of participants at over 300, this year’s training has been split into two streams to accommodate more journalists with the first stream already held between the 11th of April and the 26th of April, 2022, while the second stream began today, Monday, May 16 to end on Friday, May 27, 2022.

The objective of the programme is to improve journalists’ skills on how to report their beats effectively and accurately in educating the public on the importance of eating nutritious food, living a healthy life as well as protecting the environment.