NCDC: Infectious Diseases still threat to lives, livelihoods

HEALTHDIGEST– The Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC), has reminded Nigerians that infectious diseases must still be considered a threat to their lives and livelihoods despite the ongoing low number of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The Director-General, NCDC, Dr Ifedayo Adetifa, gave the advice on Monday in Abuja, at the bi-weekly ministerial Press Briefing and update on COVID-19 Response and Development in the Health Sector.

Adetifa said that just as the country has experienced the unpredictability of events in the pandemic, the possibility of new variants that can cause more harm than is still present.

“It remains extremely important to continue to live safely, do receive your COVID-19 vaccine if you have not received, continue to wear your facemask indoors – this is because of the likelihood of transmission in poorly ventilated areas of crowded gatherings.”

“Continue to wash hands with soap and clean water, use alcohol-based hand sanitisers, ensure good respiratory etiquette and do get tested if you feel unwell or have been in contact with sick persons who have tested positive,” he advised.

On the Epidemiological updates in the country and across the world, the DG NCDC said that the agency is working hard to scale up testing through the COVID-19 surge testing project ongoing in eight states. He stressed that the work continues for them at NCDC as the agency is focusing on protecting the health of Nigerians.

“I say this to remind you that although we are easing restrictions, and moving forward with a new way of adjusting to life with SARS-CoV-2, the virus is still out there, and we must continue to act with wisdom to protect ourselves. While the news of COVID-19 may be waning and too familiar,” he explained.

Speaking of other infectious diseases in the country, he said that the NCDC has continued to respond to infectious diseases, including monkeypox, Lassa fever, measles, yellow fever and more.