Mosaico HIV Vaccine
The Mosaico HIV vaccine by Janssen has proven ineffective during trials.

Mosaico HIV Vaccine Fails Trial Testing

The manufacturer of the HIV vaccine, otherwise known as Mosaico, has stated that during trials, the vaccine proved to be ineffective.

The trial was the product of a public-private partnership including the United States government and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

HIV is a virus that gradually attacks the immune system, which is our body’s natural defense against illness. AIDS is a syndrome caused by HIV.

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The announcement posted on Johnson and Johnson’s website noted that the study’s independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board determined that the regimen was not effective in preventing HIV infection compared to the placebo among study participants.

In light of the DSMB’s determination, the Mosaico clinical trial will be discontinued, it said.

Penny Heaton, the Global Therapeutic Area Head of Vaccines, Janssen Research, and Development, LLC, stated, “We are disappointed with this outcome and stand in solidarity with the people and communities vulnerable to and affected by HIV.”

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