Nursing Mothers Breastfeeding Babies

Minister Tasks Nursing Mothers on Exclusive Breastfeeding, Routine Immunisation

The Minister of State for the Federal Capital Territory, Dr Mariya Bunkure has appealed to nursing mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding and immunise their children against vaccine-preventable diseases to prioritise their health.

He made the appeal on Monday at the Ayaura Comprehensive Primary Health Centre, Abaji in the FCT, where she visited to welcome the first babies for 2024.

The first babies (twins) of the year, Muhammad and Ahamed Musa were born at 12:45 am on January 1 to Mr and Mrs Haruna Musa. The babies weighed 2.9kg and 2.8kg respectively.

Bunkure explained that the visit was in line with the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Tinubu.

She said, “It is great to be in Abaji, the First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu set the pace earlier today when she visited the National Hospital, Abuja, and we are here to replicate what she did at the grassroots.

“We are here in Abaji to receive our babies of the year, and this is part of inclusiveness in the renewed hope agenda of the government.”

She also commended the health workers for their commitment in improving the healthcare delivery in the area, adding, “I urge all mothers to feed very well, practice exclusive breastfeeding, and take their children to health centres for immunisation. This way, we will be able to fight vaccine-preventable diseases in the country.”

The Mandate Secretary, Health Services and Environment, FCT, Dr Adedolapo Fasawe urged mothers to adhere to health workers’ instructions and take antenatal and postnatal care seriously.

She said, “I encourage mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding because it plays a crucial role in the health, growth, and development of the babies, and has benefits for the mothers.

“It is important that expectant mothers access antenatal care to prevent untoward complications. Just like antenatal care, postnatal care helps to promote healthy lifestyles, detect and prevent diseases, and reproductive health.”

Fasawe noted that the government is committed to improving the health and well-being of FCT residents and Nigerians at large.

Meanwhile, the Ona Abaji and Chairman of the Council of Chiefs in Abuja, Dr Adamu Yunusa appealed to the government to ensure that the children in Abaji are also enrolled in schools to reduce out-of-school children in the country.