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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism: Indian Hospital to Train Nigerian Doctors on Cancer Treatment

In order to bring effective treatment of cancer to Nigeria, an Indian Specialist Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, has offered to train doctors in the country on treatment of the life-threatening disease.

The hospital also disclosed its readiness to establish local medical infrastructure in Nigeria and bring in state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Vice President (International), Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Karthik Anantharaman, who spoke to journalists in Abuja said his hospital will partner with local hospitals in Nigeria to help the country reduce medical tourism.

India remains one of the major countries where Nigerians seek medical treatment for cancer among other serious ailments.

According to Anantharaman, Apollo hospital alone attends to between 1,000 to 2,000 patients from Nigeria yearly.

He said: ” We want to be partners in setting up local medical infrastructure in Africa, in Nigeria. So Apollo hospital is now actually coming to Nigeria with a more strategic intent to train the local doctors.

“Likewise, we are now going to be partnering with many hospitals on training programmes, because we truly believe that if we can train the Nigerian doctors and the Nigerian doctors have the right skill sets to be able to treat patients locally, a lot more patients can benefit because not everyone will have the money to travel to India or travel to some other country to get the treatment.

“So if the local doctors have better training, better skills, then a lot of patients can be treated within the country. This is our main focus now, to do the skill building, our second main focus is to have partnership with local hospitals.

“We want to have stronger partnerships with local hospitals where we can actually have Apollo staff to be here to not just train the local doctors, but also to offer full time medical care under partnerships and their operations and management contract.”

He also revealed the plan of the hospital to invest on oncology clinics in the country.

He said: “Investments we are making is in the area of setting up day-care oncology clinics with very minimum investment.”

Highlighting the importance of partnering and training local doctors, Anantharam said: “Across the group we see at least 100 -250 Nigerian patients that come to Apollo hospitals on a monthly basis, which means in a year at Apollo Hospital, we are treating at least about 1000 to 2200 Nigerian patients in a year across Apollo hospitals.

“These patients come to us for treatment in radiation, oncology, surgery operations, for surgical operations.

“They also come for advanced medical treatments as well across the group for various other treatments like kidney transplant, liver transplant, orthopaedic surgeries, knee replacement and hip replacement, surgeries for cardiac surgeries like heart disease.”

He said Apollo hospital is now actually coming to Nigeria with a more strategic intent to train the local doctors and is already doing something with some hospitals in the country.

SOURCE: This Day