WHO/ Malaria reps survey Environmental cleanliness
The House of Representatives committee will be conducting a survey regarding fake anti-malaria medicines.

Malaria: Reps Committee Pledges Adequate Utilisation of Eradication Funds

The House of Representatives Committee on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria has promised to ensure that funds budgeted for the eradication of malaria are used for the right purpose.

Chairperson of the committee, Amobi Ogah, in a statement to commemorate World Malaria Day, said the federal government is committed to eradicating mosquitoes across the country by partnering with relevant stakeholders in the health sector.

World Mosquito Day is commemorated on August 20 globally and the theme for this year is ‘Fighting the world’s deadliest killer — the mosquito’.

According to Ogah, the burden of malaria will reduce drastically if adequate attention is paid towards eradicating the parasite.

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He appealed to the FG and state government to do more to ensure that mosquitos are eradicated from the country.

“The house committee on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria control is not unmindful of the challenges being faced by Nigerians in the fight against these ailments especially in the fight against the control of malaria in the country which appears to defile solutions,” the statement reads.

“The committee will work with relevant stakeholders in the fight against malaria in ensuring that monies budgeted are used for the purpose for which they are meant.

“We will carry out our oversight functions to ascertain the role of primary health care in the rollback malaria programme. Nigeria is a country in need of protection from malaria. Its death toll from the disease makes up nearly a third of the world’s 619,000 malaria deaths a year.