24,741 Malaria, Measles patients In Maiduguri, Borno State Treated by Médecins Sans Frontières


Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), an international medical non-governmental organisation stated that in 2021, it treated 16,376 patients for malaria and 8,365 for measles in Maiduguri, Borno State.

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On Thursday, Abdulkareem Yakubu, an MSF Field Communication Officer, had announced such in a report, further mentioning that the philanthropic organisation had provided both a range of primary and secondary health services to the residents of Gwoza and Pulka in Maiduguri.

He stated that, “In Maiduguri, MSF runs a 65-bed paediatric hospital with an intensive care unit within the Gwange area. The hospital’s capacity is extendable to 220 beds, if it is required, using tents to manage an increased volume of patients during the seasonal malaria peak or in a response to an outbreak of measles. In 2021, MSF had  admitted 15,568 children to the hospital and treated 16,376 patients for malaria and 8,365 for measles.

“In Gwoza and Pulka,  the MSF teams had worked in two 70- bed Ministry of Health hospitals until July 2021, one of them was in Pulka and the other one in Gwoza.

“In both locations, MSF had  provided an array of both primary and secondary health services, which included emergency care, surgery, nutritional care, mental health support, and treatment for sexual and gender-based violence, treatment for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, and protection activities.”

Yakubu mentioned that the two MSF operations in Gwoza and Pulka had been closed in July 2021 for the purpose of staff safety.

He continued, saying, “From January to July 2021, MSF teams had conducted 36,162 outpatient consultations, 5,859 mental health consultations, assisted 1,089 deliveries including 48 caesareans, provided 4,806 antenatal check-ups for pregnant women and conducted 257 major surgeries. MSF took the painful decision to close its operations in Gwoza and Pulka in late July 2021, which was in line with its commitment to its staff’s rights to safety and security. MSF had assisted communities in both Gwoza and Pulka since 2016.”