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Nigerians are being urged to engage in cycling so as to enjoy its health benefits.

LASU VC Advocates on Cycling Health Benefits On World Bicycle Day

The Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University (LASU), Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, is beseeching Nigerians to embrace cycling so that they can enjoy its inherent health benefits.

The professor of physiology gave the advice while addressing the teeming riders across ages who gathered in front of the varsity’s Senate Building on Saturday to participate in a fun-filled cycling competition in commemoration of World Bicycle Day.

She tutored that cycling immensely enhances blood circulation to all the vital parts of the body even as it strengthens the body’s muscles, giving no room for blood clotting.

Prof Charles Asenime, the Dean of the Faculty of Transportation who spoke on behalf of the Vice Chancellor at the event also aligned his view with that of the VC, adding that the health benefits of cycling outweigh those of the treadmill.

According to him, cycling takes you out, thus, making you inhale fresh air and exhale the carbonized one, “On the bicycle, you are doing a comprehensive exercise by moving from one place to the other enjoying the natural air but on the treadmill, you are on the same spot with the false impression that you are moving”.

According to the well-traveled transportation professor, this year’s World Bicycle Day has come most timely on the heel of the fuel subsidy removal and its attendant hike in the pump price of petrol.

Asenime embellished his advocacy for cycling by adding that even as it is motorised, the bicycle does not emit any smoke in motion as other automotive devices do.

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This, he noted, makes cycling quite environment-friendly which is the global yearning today.

“Apart from that, cycling is quite convenient to maintain. It’s almost zero cost to maintain the bicycle once you buy it, unlike the car and motorcycle which you must fuel and service from time to time.”

The affable and ever-jovial LASU don reminded all motorists whether private or commercial that the bicycle rider has as much right to the road as any other motorised device driver user.

“So, there must be due respect for the bicycle rider on the road. No one, whosoever is permitted by law to take the life of another human being,” Asenime warned.

Meanwhile, he has hinted at an upcoming advocacy to be projected in favour of the security of cyclists in Nigeria.

This year’s World Bicycle Day themed The Royal Edition featured a group courtesy visit by the cyclists to the palace of Oniba Ekun of Iba Land, Oba Adeshina Sulaimon Raji Okikiola who, apart from heartily welcoming them and embracing cycling, actually rode with them for kilometers even as he defied the morning downpour on Saturday.

Rounding off the event, cash prizes were given to many of the competing riders for their outstanding show.

The year’s event was a collaborative outing between Lagos State University and the Asia -African Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A number of students from the Faculty of Transportation, LASU as well as a few of the outstanding riders in The Royal Edition will be sponsored for a trip to Belgium soon.