Kogi State: Federal Government To Build A Veterinary Hospital To Combat Zoonotic Diseases


Dr. Mohammad Abubakar, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, has said that there are plans for the Federal Government to establish a new veterinary hospital in Egbe, Kogi State to combat emerging zoonotic diseases in Nigeria.

While he was receiving a delegation from the community, the minister, disclosed this, while acknowledging budgetary constraints, and told the people that the possible transmission of pathogens from animals to humans made the establishment of the medical facility imperative.

Aside from being known as a country with a high turnout of health professionals, Abubakar pointed out that Nigeria has the highest number of veterinary doctors in Africa.

The veterinary doctors need a proper work environment for them to fulfill their duties. He stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted the need for the establishment of more veterinary hospitals.