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First Lady to Establish Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts

Kogi First Lady to Establish Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts

Safinat Ododo, the wife of Kogi State governor, has announced plans to build a rehabilitation center for drug addicts in the state. This initiative aims to provide support and treatment for individuals struggling with drug addiction.

According to Eunice Achimugu, Special Adviser to the Governor on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the rehabilitation center will be accompanied by a skill acquisition center. This center will provide training for youths, including those undergoing rehabilitation, to acquire valuable skills that can benefit society.

The state government’s collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and Kogi State command aims to combat illicit drug abuse and trafficking. Achimugu emphasized the importance of protecting the youth, who are the leaders of tomorrow, from the dangers of drug abuse.

To raise awareness, the government plans to show video clips and visit schools to educate pupils and students about the risks associated with illicit drugs. The collaboration with NDLEA will continue to fight drug abuse and rescue the youth from destruction.

This initiative aligns with the United Nations Day Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking, celebrated in June 2024, with the theme “Addressing drug challenges in health and humanitarian crisis.”