Zipline Drone getting set for take-off

Kaduna: Zipline Begins Delivery of Blood to Health Facilities by Drones

Zipline, an American company, has began delivery of processed blood products by drones to health facilities in communities across Kaduna State.

Though the company has since August 2022 been delivering medical products to several health facilities in the state government, this is the first time it is flying blood products to health facilities in Kaduna.

The company said for the first delivery, it embarked on a blood drive that yielded 30-units of blood, some of which have been processed and delivered to its distribution center for emergency deliveries to health facilities.

Zipline International Inc. an American company that designs, manufactures, and operates delivery drones said this in a statement it issued on Monday.

It noted that health officials said the timely delivery of their products had largely improved healthcare delivery as cases of referral of patients on the ground of non-availability of medicines have really reduced.

The General Manager of Zipline, Ms Catherine Odiase said: “the company is committed to ensuring that all patients, no matter their locations, are reached timely with the essential medicines when they need them the most.

“Although we have commenced delivery of medicines in three states in Nigeria, this is our first blood delivery.

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“We embarked on a blood drive that yielded 30-units, some of which have been processed and delivered to our distribution center for emergency deliveries to health facilities,” she said.

Also, Dr Sarah Ibrahim, a Medical Director at the Kauru said that with drone delivery they had witnessed an important moment that showcased the immense power of technology in advancing healthcare.

She noted that Zipline’s successful drone delivery of blood to their hospital not only saved precious time but also highlighted the transformative potential of innovative solutions.

Ibrahim added that the innovative delivery model of Zipline highlighted the capacity in addressing healthcare gaps across the country.

Kwasu Kanchok, the Community Lead of Zipline in Kaduna State, said that the historic blood delivery by the company in Nigeria served as a testament to the power of innovation in transforming healthcare systems.

Zipline currently has operations in Kaduna, Bayelsa and Cross River.

The company has delivered a total of 800,000 doses of vaccines for routine immunisation and 1,500,000 units of essential medicines from the Pambegua distribution center (Kaduna) since August 2022.