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Insurance Coverage in Lagos Hits One million

The Lagos State Health Management Agency has revealed that it has successfully enrolled over one million residents in its Ilera Eko health insurance scheme as part of efforts towards achieving Universal Health Coverage in the state.

The Permanent Secretary of LASHMA, Dr Emmanuella Zamba, said the agency is intensifying efforts to raise awareness and encourage more residents to join the scheme despite reaching 1,064,897 enrollees.

She stated this on Monday at a Joint press briefing organised by LASHMA, and the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency on the uptake of Ilera Eko for Lagos State residents.

The LASHMA boss explained that to reach the informal sector, which remains the primary target, the agency has established five Divisional Offices, 14 Sub-divisional offices, and 16 kiosks across Lagos State, providing multiple registration points for residents.

Zamba stated that Enrolment Officers actively visit various communities to enlist residents and that grassroots programmes have been launched to increase awareness.

Speaking on the financial challenges faced by some residents, she said LASHMA introduced the “Ilera Eko Pay-Small-Small” instalment plan, adding that this flexible option allows residents to pay their premiums monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually.

While emphasising the need to intensify enrolment efforts to ensure more residents benefit from the scheme, the PS explained that LASHMA partnered LASRRA to enhance registration and utilisation of Ilera Eko.

She noted that under this partnership, residents registering with LASRRA will automatically be enrolled in Ilera Eko if they haven’t registered before.

The permanent secretary further stated that the first phase of the collaboration would be piloted in five locations including, Lagos Island LCDA, Igando/Ikotun LCDA, Ikorodu LGA, Agege LGA, and Badagry LGA.

Zamba said these areas were chosen due to their high daily registration volumes with LASRRA.

She added that in the second phase, LASRRA will integrate an applet on its ID card containing enrollee information, replacing the current LASHMA ID card.

According to her, biometric devices will be deployed in selected hospitals to capture and verify enrollee information before accessing care.

“Our partnership with LASRRA, therefore, is the beginning of another journey, which we expect to increase our awareness, registration, enrolment drive and utilisation of healthcare services covered by cc as anyone who registers on LASRRA will also automatically register on Ilera Eko if such resident has not registered before.

“Similarly, a Biometric device (Card Reader) will be deployed to the selected Hospitals to be used by LASHMA, to access Enrollees information and capture the biometrics of both the old and new Enrollees on the database before they access care.

“Lessons learnt on both fronts will ensure a successful scale-up in the shortest possible time. As an integral part of our roll-out plan, intersectoral collaboration has played a key role and this partnership with LASRRA exemplifies on resolve to continue on this trajectory. Achieving UHC is no mean feat and all must be on deck.

“I would like to implore every resident in the State who is yet to register with the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency to do so immediately because registration with LASRRA aside from being evidence that the resident resides in the State, is also an opportunity to enjoy the dividends of democracy in the State. All the good things happening in the state, will be done now through LASRRA ID Card.

“Our mandate in LASHMA is “Leaving No One Behind”. We want to ensure that everyone in the State has access to quality and affordable healthcare services irrespective of their socio-economic status. We do not need to run helter-skelter to pay huge medical bills and neither do we need to pay out-of-pocket, once we are on Ilera Eko,” she stated.

On her part, the General Manager of the LASRRA, Mrs Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, urged residents to register with the agency for improved access to essential services, including the health insurance scheme in the state.

She said the primary aim of LASRRA is to have a reliable database of all residents in Lagos State, which is crucial for effective policy, planning, and resource allocation.

Speaking on the partnership with LASHMA, Adebiyi-Abiola maintained that the registration with LASRRA provides residents with access to quality healthcare services through the Ilera Eko scheme.

According to her, by registering with LASRRA, individuals and families become eligible for health insurance coverage, ensuring their healthcare needs are met without financial constraints,

She explained that other benefits of LASRRA registration, include access to various state services such as educational support, housing initiatives, social welfare programmes, business development opportunities, and transport services.

She added, “LASRRA serves as the gateway to essential services provided by the Lagos State Government. Today, I want to specifically emphasise two key benefits that registration with LASRRA affords: Access to the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme and seamless access to a plethora of Lagos State Services.

“Through LASRRA Registration, residents gain effortless access to LASHMA. This health insurance scheme is designed to ensure that every resident of Lagos State can access quality healthcare services without financial constraints. By registering with LASRRA, individuals and families become eligible for its coverage, providing them with peace of mind knowing that their healthcare needs are covered.

“Also, registering with LASRRA serves as a gateway to accessing various services offered by the state. Be it educational support, housing initiatives, social welfare programs, business development opportunities, or transport services. It ensures that no resident is left behind in the government’s efforts to build a stronger, more inclusive Lagos.

“At this juncture, I want to implore every resident of the state to take advantage of this opportunity by registering with LASRRA. It is a simple yet powerful step towards enjoying the dividends of good governance and unlocking the full spectrum of services offered by the State Government.

“In the health sector, the database will help in the deployment of health centres and determine discounts for treatment via State Health Insurance schemes for registered residents and pensioners. It also allows for the State’s identity database etc.

“The government is committed to improving the quality of life for all residents. By registering with LASRRA, you are not only verifying your stay in Lagos but also contributing to the collective growth and prosperity of our dear State.”