Infectious Disease

Infectious Diseases: Public Is Alerted By Scientists


Mr. Toyosi Raheem, the President of the Society for Scientists in infectious Diseases (SSID), an NGO, gave an alert that new infectious agents are emerging and re-emerging thereby posing significant risks and threat to human and the environment.

He said this during the official inauguration of the society as well as the investiture of national and zonal executives. However, he also pointed out that new technologies and strategies were also emerging and re-emerging to tackle medical challenges.

The president stated that the society as a critical stakeholder would work towards achieving the 2008 Maputo declaration on strengthening laboratory research against infectious diseases.

“The philosophy behind the birth of SSID: One is tempted to ask for why the need for this NGO (SSID) when there are many others existing ones, possibly with related objectives. Frankly speaking, the philosophy behind the establishment of SSID is to provide further specialty-specific platform for scientists especially, Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria and Diaspora. This is aimed at producing strong and quality platform for engagement of members of our society and the public. On best framework or strategies that can be mounted/deployed towards national and global control, diagnoses, treatment/management of infectious diseases to improve quality of lives. This obviously, will be holistic and within the one-health concept.”

He further added that the society has been involved in many subtle engagements with the public ever since her establishment few months ago and would continue to do its best for the development of the country. He called upon members to rise up for the task ahead especially on the battle against microbes and diseases to improve the quality of lives, adding that the society shall not be left behind scheme of happenings in the country.

Mr. Raheem also gave hints that the society was ready to build the capacity of its members to be able to tackle medical challenges wherever they are working. He also added that the advent of COVID-19 in the country had prepared the society to be extraordinarily determined to tackle medical challenges that may pose risk and hazard to Nigerians especially in the area of diagnoses and treatment.

Mr. Godwin Ehimekpen, the Chairman of the occasion, also stated that the society was ready to build knowledge among its members, to be at the forefront to fight diseases in Nigeria. He commended the resilience and determination of the society members, adding that they are more ready to combat any disease outbreak that might want to threaten the peace of the country.