Prof. Abdullahi Dasilva Yussuf, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH)
Prof. Abdullahi Dasilva Yussuf, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH)

How Prof Dasilva Yussuf Turned Around Unilorin Teaching Hospital

By Abdulgafar Dare Asejere


Undoubtedly, the sterling achievements of Prof. Abdullahi Dasilva Yussuf as the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) from 2018 to date are worthy to celebrate.

Permit me to drive my audience down memory lane by recalling a statement made by Prof. A.D. Yussuf at an euphoria session where some of his friends and cronies expressed their heartfelt congratulatory messages at his residence, on announcement of his appointment as the Chief Medical Director. He reminisced that he desired the post in 2010 but never materialized. However, he was pleased with the scenario that played out, because non- actualization of his dream then, had afforded him the opportunity to learn more about administration from his predecessors. It suffices to summarize the entire event to a common say that “man proposes but God Almighty disposes” for He knows the best time for His servants.

Professor Abdullahi Dasilva’s leadership is at this moment adjudged the best in the history of the institution. This statement is confirmed by the majority of staff of the Hospital. His concern from inception of his tenure to date always borders on staff welfarism and improved healthcare services for all. Without mincing word, staffers are living witnesses to an unprecedented improvement his administration had been able to record.

An administrator who has a listening ear and interacts with the union leaders on issues affecting members of staff is surely bond to succeed. Such is the administration of Professor A.D. Yussuf and his leadership style. This is described as a trait that distincts his administration from previous ones.

The mantra of Professor A.D. Yussuf is freedom to existing staff Unions which represent staff interest and discuss matters relating to staff welfarism with Management and proffer workable solutions. Instances of staff welfarism, courtesy of his administration include but not limited to; payment of arrears, allowances, regularization of staff appointments, regular promotion and conversion exercise and regular staff training/ development sponsorship other entitlements for the staff.

Speaking on staff welfare, the Chief Medical Director vowed to respect the rights of staffers with equally treatment and promised not to deny them their rights and entitlements.

The rise in healthcare demand of the Nigerian populace glaringly necessitates erections of new structures to accommodate patients giving space for the recent influx of victims of COVID- 19 and other health issues. The current administration has done fantastically well in terms of structural ediffices, such as; Eye Clinic Building, Library Building, COVID-19 isolation centre and many more.

In order to permanently address perennial issues of radiology equipment challenges at the Radiology Department, his administration has adopted PPP policy to provide an alternative for the patients and interestingly, reports from patients presuppose that the arrangement is superb. Past administrations had made several moves to do this but could not succeed.

Structure were not only built but also equipped with the state- of- the- facilities which ease delivery of medical services. Equipment like; dialysis machines, radiology machine and others were purchased to ensure that quality healthcare services for all and sundry are affordable and accessible.

It is equally worthy of note to commend the collaborative and concerted effort of the Hospital’s Management, the State and Federal Governments in the management of COVID-19 pandemic. Successful management of the COVID-19 endemic ascribed to the management skill of the Chief Medical Director who left no stone unturned in seeing to it that Covid patients received prompt medical attention.

His giant strides were not limited to the hospital but extended to the School Complex at Amilegbe, the old maternity wing of the hospital. Prior assumption of office as the Chief Medical Director, some schools were due for accreditation but which was not done. However, upon assumption of office, accreditation of the schools were promptly done which in effect cloaked the identified schools with required recognition interns of academic qualifications awarded students upon completion of programmes.

Another laudable milestone of the Chief Medical Director was his efforts to ensure total relocation of the schools to the permanent site. His administration has allocated adequate piece of land for the proposed projects and construction work is on-going at the site. The objective of this is to release the place to the state government who desires to use the place for KWASU city college of medicine.

In the same vein, the relocation is also aimed at fast tracking increase intake capacity of the School of Nursing (Basic Programmes) from 50 to 250 and introduction of new medical/ health programmes/ courses. The relocation was in compliance with the part conditions given by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and regulatory bodies of other schools, It is hoped that it would commence this year.

The Chief Medical Director has also promoted religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence and industrial harmony.

Above is a tip of the iceberg from the numerous breakthrough made by the Chief Medical Director, Professor Abdullahi Dasilva Yussuf since his appointment in 2018.
On behalf of Moro Consultative Forum we are appealing to MR President to reappoint Professor Yussuf Dasilva Abdullahi for his second tenure as the Chief Medical Director of UITH. For equity justice and fairness. Kwara Central had spent Eight years. Kwara south spent Eight years, while Kwara North is also expected to spend Eight years through Prof Yussuf Dasilva.

We are proud of him.

Comrade Abdulgafar Dare Asejere.
Moro Technocrat Consultative Forum.