heat wave

Heat Wave: Relax Office Dress Codes

Dr. Biodun Adewumi, the Director of Life Healings Hospital, is urging organisations to relax their dressing codes for workers amidst the heat waves in the country.

He disclosed to Newsmen on Wednesday that it was important to consider the health of workers while protecting their organizations’ policies.

He said allowing their workers to work in a relaxed mood would also enhance their productivity apart from safeguarding their health.

“The heat wave now is serious and everyone must take precautionary measures so as not to become a casualty. Organisations like banks and other corporate offices should be lenient with their workers now in terms of dressing, so as not to endanger their lives.

“Some offices do not even have fans or air conditioners, and those that have do not have light to power them. So, why suffer the workers by insisting on certain dress codes with the increased heat everywhere? This is just a call for mercy and I hope they yield to it,” he said.

Dr Adewumi, however, advised the public to remain well hydrated by taking water intermittently and avoiding coffee and warm or hot drinks, adding that they should always find shade to stay in if they have to be outside their houses when the sun is high.