Health Information Technology Workshop

Health Tech Indispensable for Quality Service Delivery – Experts

Experts in the health sector have mentioned health information technology (health IT) as a veritable tool in ensuring quality service delivery at a time the world is moving towards a paperless era to embrace technology fully.

They said the use of technology is important especially in health sector which deals with human life as it will help minimise errors related to human limitations which eventually leads improper diagnosis among others.

The stakeholders advocated for health IT during the opening ceremony of a three-day workshop organised by Cranium Integrated Solutions Limited and hosted by the National Hospital, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja on Tuesday.

Themed ‘Equipping Professionals for the Future of Health Information Technology’, the workshop provides health record practitioners among other health workers across the country an avenue to be informed about global practices and ways to adopt them at home.

Alhaji Babagana Mustapha, Registrar Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria, lauded the organiser and underscored the importance training in minimising medical errors, guarantee quality health data and provide utmost security of various information in line with vision of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate.

“It is important to recognise the immeasurable commitment and oversight of Cranium Integrated Solutions Limited under the leadership of Dr. Adekunle Adesida for carving a nitch in the area of health information technology, which is indispensable for quality healthcare service delivery.

“The theme of the workshop is apt and timely. The rapid growth in health information technology has become a necessary development that must be embraced by any sector most especially the health sector which deals with human life.

“Globally, the health sector is driven and handled by IT for easy access, effective and efficient health services through communication between healthcare providers for informed decisions.”

Speaking further he said, ” These and other various reasons too numerous to mention involves our active participation in all eHealth policy related meetings and conferences organised by Ministries Departments and Agencies of government and including private entities.

“Our Organisation is ready to collaborate with all stakeholders in bringing positive change in health information management profession for the betterment of health sector because IT in health improves patient’s care, minimise medical errors, guarantee quality health data and provide utmost security of various information.

“Paper records will soon be a thing of the past based on our sensitisation of various health institutions and this is the vision of our leaders Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate.”

Dr. Adekunle Adesida, convener and chairman Cranium Integrated Solutions Ltd, stated that such workshops hope to bring experts under roof and help in reshaping health technology landscape in the country.

“Today as we gather for this workshop, our goal is to bridge the gap between professionals and build an understanding through innovation that will shape the future of healthcare.

“The workshop serves as a platform for health professionals across the country to unite experts, researchers and practitioners under one roof, fostering collaboration and growth.

“One of the primary purposes is to share any recent findings, development and advancement in the field, create networking opportunities with experts, continues education, create collaborative opportunities, relating recent innovations, set standards, provides constructive feedback from pairs and experts for advancement of healthcare sector.

“Help in reshaping health technology and landscape to ensure better outcomes for health. Sharing collective wisdom of the digital global medical community,” Dr. Adekunle explained.

On his part the Chief Medical Director, National Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Raji Mahmud said, ‘The workshop address contemporary issues because that is where the world is going in terms of information and communication technology.

“It is our pleasure to host this event as National Hospital because we are in an era where we have chosen technology and agree to login into the universal health platform hence, this workshop is meeting us where we want to be.

“National Hospital is ready to collaborate to make health IT in the health record sphere as seamless as possible and match international standards for the use of humanity.”

Alhaji Babagana Mustapha, Registrar Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria and Aliyu Tijani Federal Commissioner, National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and Internally Displaced Persons, received award of recognition for effort in promoting health IT in their various institutions.