Health Alert Iin Australia’s Victoria Over Highly Infectious Measles

Health Alert Issued in Australia’s Victoria Over Highly Infectious Measles

Authorities have issued an urgent health alert in the Australian state of Victoria after a new case of measles was reported on Wednesday.

The Victorian Department of Health confirmed that the case was identified in a returned overseas traveller who appeared at multiple public sites in the state while infectious.

The infected patient arrived at Melbourne International Airport on June 25 from Singapore before visiting Colac, Warrnambool, and Port Campbell.

Locations listed in the statement included a fast-food restaurant, a hotel, and several shops.

“There have now been 11 cases of measles reported in Victoria since Jan 1, 2024,” said the health department.

Meanwhile, the local communities were warned of the potential exposure to measles due to overseas travel.

The authority noted that measles outbreaks have been recently reported in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

“There should be an especially high level of suspicion if they have travelled overseas or visited any of the sites listed above and are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated for measles,’’ the department added.

Advising that anyone who presents with measles-related symptoms must get tested.

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that can lead to severe complications, such as pneumonia, brain inflammation, and even death.

In November last year, the World Health Organization announced a rising measles threat worldwide.

SOURCE: People’s Gazette