GreenPlus Pharmacy has launched its newly established healthcare facility with a medical outreach.

Greenplus Pharmacy Launches Free Medical Outreach For Its Grand Opening

Greenplus Pharmacy, a newly established healthcare facility in Agbowo, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, celebrated its grand opening on Saturday with a medical outreach that was aimed at promoting community health and wellness.

The event, which featured a range of free medical services, was attended by residents of Agbowo and neighboring areas.

While expressing her enthusiasm and commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services to the community, the Managing Director of Greenplus Pharmacy, Pharmacist Olamide Agbomeji disclosed that her vision is improving the overall well-being of individuals irrespective of financial status.

Agbomeji organized the event to offer essential medical check-ups and raise awareness about various health concerns.

The free medical outreach provided attendees with a comprehensive range of services, which included a sugar test that enabled visitors to assess their blood sugar levels and gain insights into their overall health.

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Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to undergo a Body Mass Index (BMI) assessment to determine their body’s healthy weight range, blood pressure tests, known as Ifunpa, were also conducted to help individuals monitor their cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, Greenplus Pharmacy Agbowo offered weight checks, providing individuals with vital information regarding their weight management and overall fitness goals.

Dental check-ups, referred to as Ayewo Eyin, were provided to ensure attendees’ oral health and hygiene. In addition, optical check-ups (Ayewo Oju) were available to assess eye health and provide necessary recommendations for vision care.

The medical outreach event also featured the presence of a physiotherapist (Ayewo Egungun Ara), who offered consultations and guidance on musculoskeletal issues and physical therapy.

Moreover, Greenplus Pharmacy partnered with the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN) to provide breast cancer check-ups, emphasizing the importance of early detection and awareness of this prevalent disease.

While expressing her gratitude to the community for their overwhelming support and participation, Pharmacy Agbomeji highlighted the significance of community engagement in promoting a healthier society and reiterated Greenplus Pharmacy’s commitment to being a reliable healthcare partner.

The grand opening of Greenplus Pharmacy Agbowo marked a significant milestone in providing accessible and quality healthcare services to the community.