Unknown illness kills 4 in Zamfara.

Four Die From Mysterious Illness As Zamfara Gov’t Issues ‘Children At Risk’ Warning

Zamfara government officials have released a statement that warned children were ‘at risk’ after four people died from a mysterious illness in Nigeria. The unknown sickness has wreaked havoc in Zamfara with reports of four dead and at least 177 people infected.

Local government officials confirmed the grim death toll and said “Children are at risk”. Symptoms include abdominal swelling, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, enlarged liver and spleen, fever, and overall weakness.

Health Minister Dr Aisha Anka, addressing the media, said the disease had infiltrated three villages. Cases were reported in Maradun, Shinkafi, and Gusau.

“Children are mostly affected and the cases are associated with water consumption,” said Dr Anka. “So far, four deaths have been recorded, 177 cases were detected.”

45 people were reported to have died in Gundutse village in the Kano state from a mystery illness, however it remains unknown whether the illness which killed women, children and elderly people was the same as the illness running rampant in Zamfara.