Foundation successfully completes treatment of childhood diarrhoea in Kano, Sokoto

HEALTHDIGEST– A non-governmental organisation, Wellbeing Foundation Africa, says it has successfully concluded the first phase of the ‘Scaling Up Zinc and Low-Osmolarity Oral Rehydration Solution’ meant for the Treatment of Childhood Diarrhoea in Northern Nigeria.

The project was funded by the Nutrition International Nigeria and the Government of Canada.

According to the founder, of the NGO, Mrs. Toyin Saraki, the project seeks to improve Drug Revolving Fund processes; increase timely care-seeking and treatment of diarrhoea with zinc and Lo-ORS.

“The ‘Scaling up Zinc and Lo-ORS to improve childhood diarrhoea treatment in Northern Nigeria’ project has strengthened the DRF schemes in Kano and Sokoto states, which catalyses modern medicine with better supply chain and financial procurement management. This project which was implemented by the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, provided supportive supervision for health workers; in-facility and follow-up home visits to caregivers; and increased community stakeholders’ engagement.”

‘’These have created a state-wide behavioural change that has delivered measurable improvements where it is most needed. I commend the impact made by the Nutrition International and Wellbeing Foundation Africa partnership and look forward to working on the next phase of this project,” Mrs. Saraki said.

She noted that the phase of the project, which started in August 2021, recorded key successes in the management and treatment of diarrhoea in Kano and Sokoto states.

She revealed that the state teams trained 2,594 healthcare workers in both states, worked directly with the healthcare workers in 40 healthcare facilities in each state, and reached over 72,688 caregivers within both states.

‘’The partners are looking to increase the number of caregivers who seek prompt care for cases of childhood diarrhoea by an additional 2,238,439 by 2023,” Mrs. Saraki added.